Thefts are very common these days, we can't say when bad things will happen that's why we all want to keep our family safe and secure, right?

This article is going to explain the difference between wired and wireless alarms, and it may also help you decide which security alarm you should choose.



The Difference Between Wired and Wireless Alarms 

The crime rate is on a rise and installation of security systems in homes and offices has become mandatory. Thefts and burglaries are so common these days that the homeowners are left with no other choice but to equip their homes with security systems to protect the family as well as their belongings.

There are both wired and wireless security systems available. While both serve the same purpose which is security, but the technology used is different in the systems.

The first question that any homeowner faces when choosing a security system is this: wired or wireless? Wire systems differ from wireless systems in various ways, although both have their strong and weak points. 


Wireless Alarm System

Wireless systems, as the name indicates, the wire is not required in this type of security system. The message is communicated to the master panel through radio signals. When this range of security products was launched, they were not only expensive but also unreliable. But since this technology has become popular, the quality has much improved, and the products to have become reasonable.

The security systems without wires are easy to install as compared to the wired system because there is no need to replace the wiring of the house. The wireless systems come with some standard equipment including the cameras, sensors and recording equipment; motion activated lights for inside and outside the house and vibration-sensitive sensors to detect attempts to break a glass window or door.

There are some high-end systems smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as. Today, wireless alarm systems are reliable and affordable. However, before you install one, determine areas where you want maximum protection and make sure that you can upgrade your security system if needed in the future because if you decide to protect some other areas of your property, you may need to delete the existing wireless systems and installing the new one.

Wired Alarm System

When you plan to install a wired security system, you need to set a position which is near to some power source which is not required for the wireless system. So, there is no need that you must tear up the wall or dig up the floor to run the wires. However, you will have to substitute the batteries to run the security system.

The essential components used in such systems are same such the control panel, alarm sirens, touch pad that has sensors and motion detectors in security devices as well as the wired one. However, the system relies on wireless technology to transmit radio signals generated by the movements near doors or windows.

Motion and vibration activated sensors also transmit the signals to the same panel technology master. Whatever system you select to go with, you can further enhance your security by adding other security options like strobes, sirens, and automatic emergency dialers when home security is threatened.

With all these security measures you can rest on the confidence that you, your family, and your possessions are safe and secure. You should always test the system regularly and make batteries changes as and when required for the hassle-free working of the system and enjoy your sleep at night.


Wired vs Wireless Alarm System Infographic