Alarm monitoring

Businesses benefit from timely responses to any alarm call ensuring that everything possible is done to protect their main assets.

As such, burglar alarm monitoring is an advanced and potentially highly beneficial addition to your business security system. Alarm monitoring can also include fire alarm monitoring and plant monitoring and can be integrated into an existing or brand-new security system providing full organizational protection. Given all this, it’s important to know why you should be installing an alarm monitoring system in your property and your options in doing so.


Benefits of alarm monitoring

Timely response

Burglar alarm monitoring ensures timely responses every time a company's alarm is triggered. Most burglaries and break-ins occur during the night when there is nobody on the premises, and burglars assume that this gives them greater time to get in and out with your possessions. Burglar alarm monitoring means that if an alarm is sounded, then the emergency services can be contacted quickly, making it more likely to catch the criminals in the act.


Asset protection

Everything, from your computers and desks to your files and paperwork, holds value to your business. If your customer files were stolen, then not only would this prove expensive in terms of the manpower hours and resources needed to replace them, but it can also have a negative impact on your reputation with customers too. This could be prevented with effective burglar alarm monitoring.


Security system integration

A burglar alarm is potentially only one aspect of your security system. It is possible to have intruder alarms, fire alarms, and event plant alarms in some organizations and premises. Burglar alarm monitoring can be integrated into a full security suite that aims to protect against many eventualities. Whatever threat your business could face, you could protect against it with the use of an extensive security system that includes alarm monitoring services.


Why should you get an alarm system for your business

  1. Vacant Properties. If you are away from home on business or holiday, then alarm monitoring is more important than ever. This makes sure that, if an intruder or a fire alarm is triggered while you are away, then the relevant authorities will be notified to deal with the problem. This means you can get a fast response in the event of an emergency whether you are home or away.
  2. Lower Insurance. A good alarm monitoring system could help you to save on your insurance. Many insurance companies will offer lower premiums (by as much as 20%) to homeowners that have installed alarm monitoring systems. However, make sure to ask first whether your insurer has restrictions or premiums on the type of systems installed.


Types of alarm monitoring

There are several types of alarm monitoring systems available for home and business owners depending on how they work. This includes:

  1. Intruder alarms - Protect your home and its contents from thieves and vandals with an intruder alarm monitoring system. These professionally installed systems act as a deterrent against crime and provide 24-hour monitoring to give you peace of mind.
  2. Fire alarms - Protecting your property and family from fire is an essential task for home and business owners. Fire alarm monitoring systems provide an early warning if a fire breaks out and makes sure the fire brigade is alerted promptly.
  3. Medical alarms - Vulnerable adults can maintain their independence and also ensure they get the support they need with medical alarm systems. Panic buttons can be installed throughout the home which can alert the response centre and relevant authorities should an emergency occur.